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My first novel, The Sound Of Everything, is a mystery story. I’m now working on my second book.

Here is what one kind reader said in their Amazon review of The Sound Of Everything.

“I picked 5 stars because it’s one of those books where the pages keep turning themselves, and three quarters of the way through you realise that you hope will carry on into future books, and that you really, really hope the author isn’t going to mess up the ending and ruin it for you – and they finish it very nicely indeed.

It is beautifully woven from a number of threads relating to the current and past of a town and some of its people as they are discovered by the main protagonist over a few days where he is trying to work out the answers to a number of different (and interesting) issues. It also covers the growth of that lead character as he tries to work out how to move forward from a position in life that he has arrived in because that is where he thought that he would like to be, and then isn’t 100% happy with now he’s got there.”