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The Sound of Everything 

Jack Knight returns to the Welsh border town where he grew up to take over the family business, confident he knows what he wants. But his life takes an unexpected turn when he makes a chance visit to a mysterious Indian gift shop.

He becomes embroiled in two mysteries: a missing box given to his late father for safe keeping many years before, and a newfound yearning for freedom – the pull of the hills he can see from his office window.

Now Jack starts to question why he came back. Was it to put to rest old ghosts? To save his small town from the clutches of retail giants? Or was there some magic in the universe guiding him towards a life worth living?

The Sound of Everything is a small-town mystery and a visionary novel about the search for meaning.

Here is one Amazon review from a kind reader:

“Immensely readable – you are drawn into the story from the first page. You gradually learn more about Jack, the main character – why he has moved back to Drimpton, the town where he lived as a young child, and how he adjusts to working there and dealing with the many different characters he soon meets. There are surprises and twists, warmth and touches of humour and wisdom – it is thought-provoking, you don’t want to reach the end, and when you do, you find your mind returning to explore the unfolding themes.”